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Google Ads (former Google AdWords) is an advertising service launched by Google in 2000. To make the long story short, it allows you to display ads as sponsored links in paid search results on Google, but also as text-based ads, graphic display ads or video ads on Gmail, YouTube and on websites cooperating with Google AdSense. It has a large-scale reach and influence.

Google Ads offers services in several models: CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille) and CPV (cost per view).

It is a great idea if you want to reach many people in a simple and relatively inexpensive way. Depending on business goals it can be treated as a separate service, but the best results are achieved when combining it within a complex campaign along with SEO.

Nowadays, online advertising gives you greatest conversions, especially among young people. More and more people stop using TV, radio or press in favor of the Internet. Instead of reading the news in papers, we are scrolling news portals. Online shopping is becoming every-day reality. Therefore, it is only logical that companies want to advertise their services and products online.

Google Ads can place you exactly where somebody is looking for services you offer – in Google search results.

The first method shows higher conversion for a simple reason – we are viewed as a response to users’ specific search terms, we become their problem solver. The second method is about displaying graphic ads in the advertising network. We reach those, who may be interested in purchasing our products in near future. This way, despite lower conversion, we are building awareness and recognition of our brand. Contrary to other forms of advertising like radio or TV we target our campaign accurately, we don’t have to view it to everybody.

Google Ads offers two basic methods of advertising

We are targeting our advertising in Google search network by selecting specific keywords We are targeting our advertising in Google advertising network by selecting the targeting strategy

Here’s Why You Should Advertise

We will run your campaign diligently We are strictly monitoring all costs We are tracking effects of campaigns in every detail We will formulate clear goals for each ad We will test your campaign We also use DoubleClick, which gives additional possibilities You will receive detailed reports on your campaign on a monthly basis We are at your service in any situation – just give us a call or write an email We will give you advice when you will be creating other ads We will help you adjust your advertising budget to your needs and capabilities And all this will lead to high conversions. With us, your goals are within reach sooner than you think

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